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Ready to Air is an award-winning video production shop developing long and short-format video, documentaries and branded content for TV, agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Yesterday we were covering breaking news, producing profiles of world leaders and celebrities. Today our flexible model relies on our team of industry-veteran freelancers to take on a wide range of projects, simple and complex, in every corner of the globe.
While technology keeps getting better and faster, we believe in the end is your story that matters. And telling stories is our DNA. Our goal is to add cinematic poetry to your voice. 

_Our Founder

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Gianclaudio Angelini 

I am an Emmy Award-winning director, producer and editor with 25 years of experience. I created video departments, led crews from pre-pro to post and delivered multi-million dollar projects in the U.S., Europe and Asia. My background in journalism has been helpful to develop a diverse array of compelling content. Ultimately storytelling is about perspective: sharing personal stories with a visual edge is my life's work. 

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